Prior to moving its international headquarters to Canada, Police Science Institute’s Academic and Practical Training Programs were fully approved and duly recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Labor, Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Israeli Ministry of Public Security (Israel Police), and, as such, have been under the close scrutiny and careful evaluation of all such Israeli governmental agencies and authoritative venues in order to assure the very highest level of educational offerings in our field(s) of specialty and professional expertise.

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Whether it be Private Investigation, Criminal Profiling, Forensic Science (CSI) or Terrorism Studies ... Police Science Institute provides to its “global family of students” the finest in highly-specialized fields, each of which seeing an ever-increasing need for the very best qualified candidates in order to meet today’s market demand. Our academic and practical training divisions assuredly prepare you to meet these important career choices.

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Police Science Institute Faculty and Instructors are NOT the same as those commonly found in your average educational institute, college or even university. Instead, all of our Faculty and Instructors, each having in excess of 30 years experience, derive specifically from Elite Investigative, Military, Intelligence and Security fields. This is one of the factors that sets us apart and affords all of our global students with the very finest academic and practical training available internationally.


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Introduction to the world’s leading and most pro-active online Educational Institute … offering a wide variety of Academic Courses as well as Practical Training Programs. Welcome to Police Science Institute … the world’s leading and most pro-active online Educational Institute … offering a wide variety of Academic Courses as well as Practical Training Programs.Whether your academic interest is in Private Investigation, Private Security, Criminal Justice, Criminal Profiling, Child Abuse Recognition, Child Abuse Investigation, Child Abuse Prevention, Forensic Science (CSI), VIP Protection or Terrorism Studies, Police Science Institute provides exceptional online Courses thoughtfully developed to meet your educational and career goals. Our Practical Training Programs in Aviation Security, Air Marshal, VIP Protection, Counter- Terrorism and Anti-Kidnapping further provide you the very best of the best … as all Institute Faculties have been selected from elite military units, the intelligence and security fields, as well as from other professional disciplines. If you seek excellence in curriculum and educational options, Courses focused upon your career decisions, individual attention, convenience and flexibility, as well as highly cost-competitive benefits, we invite you to join the successful “Police Science Institute family” today. For students and potential employers alike … take some time to review our entire website to find out how we may assist you by providing the essential knowledge and “hands-on” methods required in today’s global marketplace.

Police Science Institute is one of the world’s top online institutes, providing specialized, academic online Courses in the fields of Private Investigation, Private Security, Criminal Justice, Criminal Profiling, Forensic Science (CSI), Executive / VIP Protection, Terrorism Studies, as well as with regard to other Police Science Specialties.


Our unique Practical Training Division addresses the additional areas of Aviation Security, Air Marshal, Maritime Security, Sea Marshal, Executive / VIP Protection, Anti-Kidnapping and Counter-Terrorism, to name a few.


All Police Science Institute Faculties are graduates of Elite Military Units, Intelligence and Security Services, as well as other Professional Disciplines, and, all maintain many years of practical and teaching experience in their respective fields.


In order to meet this challenge, Police Science Institute has carefully designed all of our academic Courses to provide the students with detailed knowledge, techniques and academic exposure required in order to achieve an excellent career in today’s demanding marketplace.


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More and more students, both those of young adult age and those who are looking to complete their higher education following a period away from studying (as well as those of mature age looking for a change in career), now look to  Police Science Institute’s online programs as a preferable option in order to achieve their higher education and goals. 


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