Aviation Security

Clearly, for many years, the serious issue of "Aviation / Airport Security" has been a major focus of governments, airlines, private corporations, institutions as well as the general public.  There are no nations on the planet exempt from terrorist intercession, and, most authorities have sought to greatly (and expeditiously) increase ALL aspects of "Aviation / Airport Security" within their respective purviews  … including both airport and airline venues.


The aviation industry in the 21st century has been reshaped by constant threats of terror, giving a whole new meaning to security in aviation. The terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City created awareness of the grave importance of airline and airport security. 


PSI  offers Advanced-level, Practical Training Courses in "Aviation / Airport Security" … conducted by teams of specialists from the Israeli airline industry, airport authorities, as well as the Intelligence and Anti-Terror communities, thereby undertaking a truly “interactive and inter-disciplinary” module.


This Advanced-level Practicum is highly intensive, and, has been carefully designed exclusively for individuals seeking to develop a career and/or advancement in this respective field.


As in all of PSI's Advanced-level, Practical Training Courses, we require a minimum pre-enrollment of students prior to the commencement of the Course.  Accordingly, we invite interested, prospective Enrollees to contact Police Science Institute Administration in order to assure their position for the next Course commencement.

Participants interested in registering for one (1) or more of PSI's 
Practical Training courses are required to first contact our
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