Online Education

More and more students, both those of young adult age and those who are looking to complete their higher education following a period away from studying (as well as those of mature age looking for a change in career), now look to  Police Science Institute’s online programs as a preferable option in order to achieve their higher education and goals. Find out if you are ready for Online Learning.

Online  Convenience

At  Police Science Institute, we offer a wide variety of convenient online programs in Private Investigation, Private Security, Forensic Science, Criminal Justice, Criminal Profiling and Anti-Terrorism.   Police Science Institute  online programs provide you with the freedom to attend class any time – day or night – from anywhere you connect to the Internet.  At  Police Science Institute, you are in control of your education. 

Excellence  in Education

Police Science Institute has delivered quality education and personal attention to students for more than a decade.  As a student in one of our online programs, you will receive the same course material, quality instruction, variety of learning options and level of service found at our campus locations.  To learn more about  Police Science Institute online programs, read the  Top Reasons Why.

Education  Focused on Your Career 

At  Police Science Institute, the program courses are geared toward your career goals. The majority of your online classes will be in subject areas specifically related to your certified program.  This means you will learn concepts and gain skills that will help you to advance your career.  Now is the time ... reach for your goals!    Get Started Here!

Excellence in Education - Online Convenience